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Standard Software Packages

QualSeis TM

  • 2D/3D Seismic Data Analysis, Field Processing & Geometry QC Software
  • Accurate post acquisition positioning in the field or in processing.
  • Applications: Land, OBC and Next Generation Node Acquisition Systems
    • Platform: Windows
    • Real Time Mode: Monitor acquisition system disk output - reformat / post-process as new data is written
    • Auto detection of dead, noisy, reversed polarity traces
    • Signal to noise QC
    • Live QC database export
    • View statistics in near real time
    • Visual QC (scatter plot and bar graph for trace, receiver and source attributes)
    • Analyze traces in time and frequency domain
    • Accurately analyze large channel count spreads
    • Transpose (rotate) 3 component data to downline, crossline & vertical
    • SegD, Z, Autoseis, RT or SegY inputs
    • Generate SegD or SegY shot files from receiver domain inputs
    • Ability to read in data post process for tape verification
    • QualSeis (tm) is a registered trademark of Beltway Seismic, Inc.


  • High Performance Tape Transcription System
  • Efficient and user friendly
  • Utilized by companies world wide
  • Runs on Windows Operating System
  • Media: 9 Track, 21 Track, 3480, 3490, 3590, 3592, DLT, SDLT, LTO, Vintage Iomega Discs, MO Discs
  • Formats: SegA, SegB, SegC, SegD, SegY, DISCO, Globe 4000, PELCO, Petty-Ray TEMPUS, Progress-2, Progress-4, SDS-1010, Sercel 328, Summit-1, W Code 2, W Code 4, EBCDIC or ASCII, Bit to Bit, User Defined Trace Sequential, Various Major Oil Company‚Äôs Internal Formats


21 Track Tape Transcription Software
  • A subset of Beltway_Transcribe that specifically addresses 21 track tape formats
  • 21 Track Formats: Leach Binary Gain 24 Channel, Texas Instruments DFS III, DFS IV, TI 9,000 / 10,000, TIAC, Sercel Binary & Variable Gain Dual Scan Systems
  • For additional information about our products, contact our sales department at sales@beltwayseismic.com or (281) 829-0505.



    QualSeis(tm): Accurate post acquisition Positioning in the Field or in Processing - Windows platform
    Beltway_Transcribe : The premier Tape Transcription System in the Geophysical Industry.