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Tape Transcription and Reformatting Services:

Seismic data tape transcription and reformatting services are offered in house*, including transcription of vintage Iomega discs, MO discs, and other media formats from banking, medical, and video industry sources.

Bad Tape Reads / Incomplete Tape Reads / Drive Errors : Last Chance Tape Remediation

  • We have specialized software / hardware configurations to read data from tape when others can't !
  • This is slow, methodical work - drive read errors take time to overcome.
  • Send us a sample tape - we will analyse it and work to get your data if it can be read at all.


  • Data Transformation Project Management - Tape, Scanning, Digital
  • Problems with data / recording systems recorded formats
  • Geometry / Nav merge, QC and/or corrected source & receiver positions
We can provide you with a variety of service solutions based on our wealth of experience and optional software and hardware packages ....


  • High Performance Tape Transcription Software


  • Transcription Software Module Specifically Designed for 21 Track Tapes

Unique Custom Software and Hardware Solutions are Always Available to Meet Your Requirements

Leasing Packages and Services:

QualSeis (tm)

  • 2D/3D Seismic Data Analysis, Field Processing & Geometry QC Software
  • Applications: Land, OBC and Next Generation Node Acquisition Systems

Lease packages provide short term, low cost solutions for field crews, QC personnel and Project Managers. Each package includes software, online tech support, CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Additional peripheral items are available for lease to suit your specific project needs.

FTP Solutions:

We can lend a hand while your crew is in the field via ftp. Quality control and geometry correction services are provided inhouse. Daily reports are then sent to the field or main office ensuring a quality product {in-house navigation / geometry merging data manipulation, i.e. no permit zeroing and subset extractions}.

Software Support and Maintenance:

Support and maintenance packages come with all of our software products. Receive priority technical support, software upgrades and maintenance releases. The first year of support and maintenance comes with each license and invoiced annually thereafter.

For additional information about our services, contact our sales department at sales@beltwayseismic.com or (281) 829-0505.

*Formats: SegA, SegB, SegC, SegD, SegY, DISCO, Globe 4000, PELCO, Petty-Ray TEMPUS, Progress-2, Progress-4, SDS-1010, Sercel 328, Summit-1, W Code 2, W Code 4, EBCDIC or ASCII, Bit to Bit, User Defined Trace Sequential, Various Major Oil Company’s Internal Formats, 21 Track Formats: Leach Binary Gain 24 Channel, Texas Instruments DFS III, DFS IV, TI 9,000 / 10,000, TIAC, Sercel Binary & Variable Gain Dual Scan Systems.



Beltway_Transcribe : The premier Tape Transcription System in the Geophysical Industry.
QualSeis(tm): Accurate post acquisition Positioning in the Field or in Processing - Windows platform